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Consuelo Mexican Bistro

The classic recipe that has been known as an ideal choice for generations.

What We Offer


Enjoy memorable moments with your family and loved ones as we help you set things and push them forward in the right direction. 


With numerous options and categories, our cuisines stand to make matters connect and promote your needs to a considerable extent.

Wine & Bar

Visit the bar and spend your time in luxury with our services since they are all meant to keep you happy and satisfied.

Our Gallery

Our Menu

Detinga Toasts

A classic toast emerging within the aspects of culture and understanding as we blend our mark of quality into the same.


Mixed Salad

Stay healthy and fit with a bowl of mixed salad as it moves ahead to satisfy all your dietary needs and requirements.


Oaxacan Tamales

With the backing of an authentic recipe, you can proceed to get used to a taste that is known to be unique and special.


Tortilla Soup

Made from fried corn tortilla pieces and submerged into a mix of elements, our tortilla soup is something that you need to try. 


Melted Cheese

As the name paints the complete picture, one need not describe melted cheese. So we are pretty sure that you know what we are talking about.


Filet Mignon

A steak that has been known all around the corner is definitely something that you need to try as the experience is worth it.


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