10 Best Authentic Mexican Food Dishes


America’s neighbor Mexico, is not only popular for their lavish traditions, unique political, and cultural habits, and music festivals, and what not! They’re also extremely popular for their Mexican cuisine all over the world. From food stations along the road serving chipotle’s to lavish exclusive Mexican dinner in star hotels, it is everyone’s favorite and fits all economic classes.

If you haven’t already tried Mexican food, then better late than never, because we’ve jotted down the top 10 must try Mexican dishes. Check them out and indulge in some delicacies. Tamale

They’re the traditional or the staple food of Mexico made from the corn dough called masa. They’re generally steamed, and the insides are filled with ingredients like meat, vegetables, fruits, peppers or simple with cheese. It results in a delicious corn crust with extremely juicy ingredients.



It is probably one of those Mexican dishes that have not been popular outside the country. But in its essence, it’s a stew-food that is made with goat or mutton and accompanied by rich sauces like with species and rice.


They consist of pork that has been cooked to perfection until it can be minced to pieces with a fork. They’re popular even outside Mexico and are served as a filling inside tacos and burritos. Mole

It is popularly called the Mexican curry and generally looks more like a thick-dark sauce which can vary depending on the color and the ingredients put in them. They differ in spices, and the level of spice.


They need no introduction as tacos are consumed world-wide either as a snack, or even as dinner option. They contain tortillas that are filled with meat, veggies and cheese with a dash of salt, pepper and lemon.


They’re yet another popular Mexican dish that is available across the world and make a simple dinner option. This consists of large tortilla, again filed with vegetables, beans, cheese and meat — usually pork, beef or chicken. The entire dish is then rolled and basked with grated cheese on top to add that extra sass to the dish.


Another dish that involves a tortilla is Chilaquiles that are made by cutting the tortilla into thin strips and deep frying them. This forms the base of the dish over which mole sauce and salsa is added to soften the tortillas, the second layer of which is simmered on low heat. It is accompanied by cheese, chicken, sour cream or even eggs.

Fruits with salt and chili powder

Although this is not exactly a dish, the idea of adding salt and chili powder to fruits emerged in Mexico. I you have visited the country, then you’re aware of the street vendors selling these sweet- spicy and sour delicacies across the street.

Arroz Con Leche

It is directly translated in English as rice mixed with milk. However, it is more than just rice with milk and basically tastes like a pudding. It is another traditional dish of Mexico but it no longer remains native to the region and is savored all over the world.


They’re like rolls in other countries but with different fillings like rice, beans, veggies and meat.