Dos and Don’ts When You’re Eating in BBQ Restaurants 

Many people are excited about barbeque season. Just thinking about the smoky, sweet smell of charcoal and the BBQ sauce would make you want to visit the nearest BBQ restaurant in your area. But before you head out to get your grilled fix, here’s a run-through of the dos and don’ts when you’re eating in BBQ restaurants. 


1. Appreciate the weird BBQ cuts

Some BBQ restaurants offer more than just the usual cuts of meat. For instance, chicken neck, beef tongue, goat, and rabbit may be included in the menu. Don’t be afraid to try any of these out as the fact that the restaurant is bold enough to offer these cuts may mean they are worth giving a bite. The chef surely created a special BBQ dish out of these “weird” cuts for guests like you to appreciate. 

2. Enjoy the butcher-paper plates

Many BBQ restaurants serve their dishes on plastic trays covered in butcher paper. Nothing fancy. Just enjoy the simplicity, savor every bite you have, and let the BBQ goodness take your breath away! 

3. Always keep your hands and utensils clean

Some restaurants allow you to grill your own food. Being the grill master, you need to be health conscious and be wary of foodborne illnesses by doing the following: 

  • Make sure you wash your hands before and after handling raw meat so you don’t pick up bacteria and transfer it to your cooked food.  
  • You may use wet wipes to clean your hands; place them near the grill so you’re always reminded. 
  • Never use the same utensils for both cooked and raw food.  
  • In the event that you’re going to use the same grilling tongs, don’t forget to wash them in between putting raw meat on the grill and taking it off. 

4. Select lean meats and vegetables

If you’re looking for a healthier diet meals: 

  • Choose lean meats like fish or chicken.  
  • Ask the restaurant personnel to trim the extra fat for you.  
  • As chicken and fish tend to be blander than fat-laden red meats, choose BBQ dishes that have been marinated beforehand to improve their flavor. 

5. Do ask questions

When you’re having a BBQ night in a restaurant, take time to appreciate the people who prepared your satisfying meal. The grill master will surely love to talk about how they grill their pieces of meat. Ask questions like the smoker or wood they use, the time it takes before the meat will be cooked, and the safety tips they follow for BBQ and grilling. In the end, you’ll be more likely rewarded with another bite or two. 


1. Don’t automatically use sauce

The BBQ sauce can definitely take the meat to the next level. However, give the grilled meat a chance to shine first by making your bite sans the sauce. You may be surprised how flavorful your BBQ already is, and you may even ditch the sauce altogether! 

2. Don’t choose tenderness over flavor

Depending on what type of meat you want, tenderness is not important at all times. Not needing a teeth to eat grilled beef doesn’t make it the greatest. Sometimes, it’s the texture over tenderness that counts. 

3. Avoid comparing your meal to other restaurants

You may have your personal rankings of favorites when it comes to BBQ. While it remains that way, it’s best that you keep your mouth shut when you’re eating in a BBQ restaurant. The chopped pork you’re chewing may not be the best for you, but don’t ever spoil other people’s eating experience by expressing out your opinions. 

4. Don’t let your grilled meat get cold

Nobody wants to eat cold food on the table. After all, the grill master works hard to meet the meat’s specific temperature requirement. That being said, don’t let your food sit for a long time. 

5. Don’t fret about the equipment

Your BBQ will still come out delicious regardless of the equipment the restaurant is using. Besides, it’s not about the equipment, but it’s more of the flavor and the type of meat you like to be grilled. Just focus on the end product that’s on your plate. 


BBQ is a well-loved dish. That’s why you can find many good BBQ restaurants sprouting here and there. Don’t forget to take note of the above dos and don’ts on your next visit to your favorite grilling restaurant to fully enjoy your BBQ experience.