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Top 5 Mexican Food You Must Try

If you’ve not tasted Mexican food yet, it can be challenging to figure out what to try first. As a result, it’s best to begin by trying out as many food options as possible.

Here are some of them, which you can serve in any event:

1. Steak Fajitas

One of the first choices that will probably come to mind is the chicken or steak fajitas. These are an excellent choice for both lunch and dinner.

They’re low-fat and very filling, so there’s usually room left over for dessert. Of course, if you decide to order fajitas as the main course, make sure that you add a side of rice. While these will not give you many calories, you will be getting more protein, which you need when cutting back on carbohydrates.

Fajitas are also suitable for a weeknight as they’re easy to prepare. If you’re eating at a restaurant, you may be able to get the traditional recipes done for you.

2. Tortas

Another popular option is the tortas. This dish comes in all shapes and sizes, depending on the type of tortilla you choose. Tortas can come in tortillas filled with black beans, pork, turkey or beef, and various other fillings. With such, these are ideal for those who are trying to eat less food.

3. Carne Asada

If you’re not looking for a traditional Mexican meal, you might be interested in trying a dish called carne asada. This is a simple dish made from pork and chicken or with some fish.

You can prepare carne asada with rice and beans if you’re not interested in using corn tortillas. For example, you can pair it with tortillas and white rice. You can also try making a rice casserole with eggs, cheese, cilantro, tomatoes, onions, and jalapeno peppers. Carne asada is an excellent choice because it doesn’t require any extra carbs while filling, so you can easily be full throughout the day.

4. Burritos

These are also very popular in Mexico, and you can eat as a meal or snack. I make them with rice and corn so you can have something easy to eat and something to munch on during the day. These are like tacos, but they’re smaller. You can make them with rice or with whatever other vegetables you’d like.

5. Carne Averna

This is pork and rice cooked in a casserole. If you’re in a hurry, you can make this a great recipe, as you can do so easily. You can find different versions online with other ingredients and cooking methods, so check out some different recipes.

6. Quesadillas

You can make quesadillas quite easily. Just put your tortilla chips on top, and you’re set. You can find quesadillas in almost every grocery store, and they’re easy to make as well. If you like variety, you can even make these with tortillas, cheese, tomatoes, rice, and anything else you want.


When it comes to Mexican food, you don’t have to worry about getting it from a restaurant. You can quickly cook them at home and let your family enjoy it.

What’s even enjoyable is you can use a variety of healthy ingredients.